Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a limit on number of participants for this event?

A: Yes, in our fifth, we are limiting the number of participants to the first 250 who register. Preregistration online or by telephone is highly recommended.

Q: Are on site accommodations available to participants? How many dorm rooms are available for participants?

A: There are dorm beds available on site at no extra cost (except for a $25 room key deposit) to the first 75 riders that request them.

Q: What should I bring for staying in the dorm at this event?

A: Linens and blankets.  Pillows are provided.

Q: Will camping be allowed?

A:  Yes, campers are welcome and bathrooms/showers are nearby in Weiden Hall.

Q: What facilities are there for bike storage?

A: Bikes may be brought into the dorm and secured in common area or in your room if desired.

Q: Is there internet access on site?

A: Yes, as we are located on the University campus, Internet access is widely available.

Q: Are the Ride Aroostook meals at UMPI vegetarian and vegan friendly?

A:  Yes, they are!

Q: How can my donations be contributed?

A: Donations may be made via your personal First Giving website established upon online registration. Cash should be converted to a personal check payable to Cary Medical Center/Ride Aroostook.

Q: If I receive checks for donations, to whom should checks be written and mailed?

A: Checks can be made out to Cary Medical Center/Ride Aroostook; they can be turned in at registration, or mailed to : Cary Medical Center/Ride Aroostook, 163 Van Buren Rd. Caribou, ME  04736.

Q: I have mailed in donations, and they are not showing up on my fundraising page, why?

A: Only you may edit your page, so when donations are mailed, please add them to the fundraising page yourself.

Q: If I wish to make a general donation to the cause, can I do it online?

A: Unfortunately, we are not set up to receive general donations, other than to specific Riders, online. Please mail your general donations to Cary Medical Center/ Ride Aroostook, 163 Van Buren Rd. Caribou, Me 04736

Q: Will there be any post-ride massages available?

A: Complementary post-ride massages will be available in the Registration Area at the Campus Center, UMPI  1-5PM Saturday.