“Ride Aroostook 2015” is being organized by local volunteers with the support of Cary Medical Center staff and multiple sponsors in support of Camp Adventure, a summer camp for children age 12-17 with Type 1 diabetes.  Diabetes is a growing national health crisis with numbers in the millions and growing every day. Children with Type 1 Diabetes face many challenges of daily living and it is important for them to know that they can live a normal, healthy, independent life by making the right lifestyle decisions and learning how to manage their diabetes. Camp Adventure is dedicated to empowering these children for everyday living. Camp Adventure accepts children from throughout the State of Maine and the Nation.

Please let your sponsors and donors know that they are supporting a very important cause. 100% of funds raised at this event will remain in Aroostook County to benefit Camp Adventure; it is expected that corporate event sponsorship will cover costs associated with the event. To help you get started:

Think of all of your friends and other possible donors
Make a commitment to yourself that you are just going to Do It!
Create personal appeals to donors with mailings
Create your own fundraising page when you register on the Ride Aroostook Web Site
Create unique ideas to raise money for your pledge – bake sales, car washes, raffles
Ask businesses that you support to support you in this event
Make sure to thank your donors
Keep an eye on your progress towards your goal, time goes fast
Some organizations or individuals may want more information about the project you are riding to support. Cary Medical Center can supply you with brochures and a short, 3-minute video about Camp Adventure. Request these materials by email from

Procedures for Fundraising

On Line Services: Donations on your behalf may be made online using a credit card, once you have registered for the event. Please email for assistance, with registrations and/or donations.

On Site Check In: All checks and money orders must be accompanied by a completed pledge sheet. An initial pledged donation of $50 is required with registration.

Cash: We would prefer that all cash donations or pledges be converted to a bank check or money order (not a personal check), and sent to Cary Medical Center on a regular basis.
Checks: Should be sent to: Cary Medical Center; Attn: Ride Aroostook; 163 Van Buren Rd.; Caribou, ME 04736 as soon as they are written or collected. All checks must be made payable to Cary Medical Center. Checks made payable to the Rider must be signed and endorsed “Payable to Cary Medical Center”.