Saturday First Loop – Amish Country

The Ride opens with a trip to Amish Country.  You will ride from UMPI to Easton and into Fort Fairfield, Maine.  Along the way you will have some great, panoramic views of the County.  Potato blossoms should be in bloom, along with various fields of grain.  Our rest area will be at the Amish General Store at Easton Center.  There will be some tempting home-made foods along with our rest area refreshments.  You will leave the rest area and travel through Amish country along the farms and buildings that are typical of Amish culture.  These are great folks and they welcome us every year.  On the home stretch of the Ride you will have some fabulous views of the Presque Isle region, you can see for miles.  You will end back at UMPI for another rest and refreshment.

Saturday Loop 2 – Into Caribou, The River Ride

Once again you will leave the University and follow the same early route but then transition to the East Presque Isle Road.  This long stretch of winding road will take you along the Aroostook River with some great river views and maybe an Eagle or two.  You will ride that stretch of road until you come into Caribou at the bridge.  Once you cross over Main Street you will hit your rest area at the Paul Soucie Memorial Sports Complex.  Enjoy the snacks and then head back to Main Street, up North Main and onto the West Presque Isle Road.  Along this route you will have some great views of the County including more sites along the Aroostook River.  You will come back into Presque Isle and get ready for a ‘Tour of Italy’ Italian feast for dinner.

Century Ride Option – The Land of the Swedes

For those brave souls who choose the Century Option you will take the same route from UMPI into Caribou but then embark on one of the most beautiful and challenging rides into the Swedish Settlement of New Sweden, Maine.  It won’t take long for you to get an idea why the Swedes settled in this area more than 100 years ago.  The winding roads, spectacular views, and rolling hills will beckon your return for a more leisurely experience.  The Ride will take you by historic Thomas Park and into Stockholm, Maine.  Once a bustling logging town now a quaint and quiet village the town has a true destination point, Eureka Hall.  That is where you will hit another Rest Area.  The return ride is equally full of extraordinary views of the County.  It will be a great Century Ride and you will be more than ready for dinner on your return to UMPI. We will have a SAG vehicle along the route to support you and our volunteers will greet you at Eureka Hall.

Sunday Ride – The Mapleton Loop

This year, based on results of our Rider Survey, we have chosen to have one loop rather than two separate rides on Sunday.  We know people traveling for the Ride are anxious to hit the interstate so we have created a fabulous 43 mile loop that will take you through some breathtaking vistas in the town of Mapleton.  This is another quaint village that offers some great cycling, a favorite for local riders.  Because this has always been the second loop on Sunday, many Ride Aroostook participants have not done this part of the Ride, again, anxious to hit the road.  We decided to include this for Sunday and next year we will be switching to a different loop in the opposite direction but with incredible views as well.  Take your time on this Sunday loop and it is a great Ride for photos.  You will return from this loop back into Presque Isle and receive your medal and sit down to a Great All American Barbecue.